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  • Heligrip


Heligrip—(Helical Carbide Insert System) is an innovative design that combines Great Lakes Custom Tool's helical carbide blade technology with a mechanically held lock system, securing the blades in the tool body. This unique blade holding technique provides the flexibility you need to change out your tool blades fast. This results in less downtime and a productive bottom line.

Heavy-duty tapered wedges hold the helical blades securely in the tool, ensuring smoother operation and more accurate work surfaces. The system combines a flute design with plenty of chip room to provide free chip flowing, resulting in superior finishes. These features also permit speeds and feeds to be increased four to five times over conventional high-speed end mills.

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The Heligrip cutters from Great Lakes Custom Tool can change the way you work by ensuring close tolerance cuts and increasing your productivity.

    Heligrip cutters are designed for:
  • • End Mills
  • • Shell Mills
  • • Slab Mills
  • • Porting Tools