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  • Helicarb® Cutter

Helicarb®—Helical Carbide Cutters

Great Lakes Custom Tool, a leader in cutter technology, provides you TRUE HELIX carbide milling cutters. Designed for standard and numerical-control milling machines and machining centers, the Helicarb® milling cutter is the ultimate in metal cutting tools, and capable of running up to 12,000 RPM's.

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The Helicarb® cutting edge gives a smoother cutting action, resulting in superior finish. Flutes are designed for maximum efficiency in chip dispersion, with larger sizes permitting higher feeds. And, as with other straight carbide blades, the Helicarb® blades can be brazed and reworked to ensure a quality finish with each and every cut. Whatever your metal cutting needs are, Helicarb® brazed tooling has a cutting edge that provides optimum shearing action and an exceptional finish.

    Helicarb®—Helical Carbide Cutters are designed for:
  • • End Mills
  • • Shell Mills
  • • Slab Mills
  • • Porting Tools
  • • Portable Helical Planing Heads (new & serviced)

To learn more about Helicarb®—Helical Carbide Cutters, view videos here.