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  • Diamond Tooling

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Diamond Tooling

What is Diamond Tooling?
Polycrystalline Diamond, commonly referred to as PCD, is a synthesized, extremely tough inter-grown mass of randomly or orientated diamond crystals bonded to a carbide substrate.

This composite material combines the hardness, abrasion and high-thermal conductivity of diamond with the braze-ability of carbide.

diamond tooling

Why use PCD?
High-volume production operations, which do few setups, realize the greatest advantage.

    The initial cost of PCD Tooling is much higher than carbide. However, greater value is realized overall by savings through the following:
  • • Downtime reduction
  • • Operating cost reduction
  • • Scrap reduction
  • • Noise reduction

    The value of PCD:
  • • Proper abrasion resistance characteristics to handle a variety of wood species as well as man-made materials
  • • Extended tool life in natural wood
  • • Tools maintain their dimensions much more accurately over their working lifetime

  • Best suited applications:
  • • CNC routers
  • • Edge-banders
  • • Panel saws
  • • Tenoners
  • • Moulders
  • • Shapers