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  • Helicarb® Cutter

Helicarb®—Helical Carbide Cutters

The Helicarb® cutter offers the woodworking industry cutters that feature a continuous, one-piece (up to lengths of 235mm, two-piece over 235mm), replaceable twisted carbide blade.

diamond tooling

The advantages of this technology include:

  • • The blade in the Helicarb® cutter produces a smooth shearing action like a scissors when cutting.
    • • This cutting action reduces tear-out in hardwoods, softwoods, irregular grain, MDF, LVL and plastic.
  • • The one-piece twisted blade is replaceable, keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • • The blade is easily re-sharpened to a high degree of accuracy with proper grinding equipment.
  • • The Helicarb® cutter consumes up to 16% less electrical power and runs 8 decibels quieter than a straight knife cutter.
  • • Can be constructed in Powerlock or conventional tooling, and can be jointed to attain a multi-knife finish.

To learn more about Helicarb®—Helical Carbide Cutters, view videos here.